Thursday, 26 September 2013

An ode to...

(Written about 3 weeks ago)

Everything. Part 1.


This past month (including the weeks ahead) I've had the chance to spend time with people from home, from here and from Craig's life and it's been very much enjoyable. Our routine at the minute has been Monday- Friday wake up, work, eat, sleep. Saturday - Craig has been working a lot on Saturdays leaving me to go food shopping or trying to keep myself out of the sun. It's been way too hot for me. Sundays are church, eat, get ready for the week. (repeat x 4000000)

I managed to have a break in routine when I hopped on a plane and went to see these guys:


As there were a few birthdays that week/weekend, we gathered at my brother's house to celebrate. This involved a hardcore game of swingball and plenty food. 

This is my ode to people, in particular family.

The ladies in my life, I salute you. Thank you for bringing up such wonderful cousins and sisters, and being such great Aunties and Gran.