Friday, 1 August 2014


I have a feeling this blog will just turn into a list of holidays.

We went to Cologne for our birthdays this year, and just look it at:

The best frozen yoghurt was found just to the right of the green banner.

After an early morning and tiring journey, we dropped out bags off at the hotel and headed for a river cruise to get our bearings. This couple on the right loved it.

The Tyne Rhine Bridge & Cathedral

The view from our hotel.
The hotel was lovely, very white and clean with a lovely stained glass panel separating the bedroom & bathroom. But it was very warm and the a/c didn't work.
The builiding to the left is the Schokoladenmuseum and to the right the Olympic museum, with tennis courts on the roof.

We found a lovely little cafe to breakfast in and went back again and again to this one place. There was an abundance of wonderful food items in the buffet including sausages, bacon, fruit, cured meats and cheeses. Bread, croissants, pancakes, salad, rice pudding and cereal. That's right, Craig had rice pudding for breakfast. We both passed on the salad bar.
Opposite the cafe was the Rathaus, or Town Hall. Everyday there were about 3 weddings taking place and the brides would walk through the square towards the river after they were wed. Everyone applauded them.

On our last morning there was a trio of musicians serenading us while we ate with their rendition of Wonderful World. It was beautiful.

The cathedral was insane! I've never seen anything so big! It took 600 years to make, and was pretty fantastic to see inside.

Cologne Zoo. Craig decided to dress as Ace Ventura that day.

Ginger Giraffe

The Cable car crossing the river. Possibly the first time I've been properly scared of heights, but look at how wonderful it is!

The panel mentioned earlier. 

Atop the Cologne cathedral. It was a lot taller than the Notre Dame and my legs won't forgive me for it. But it was totally worth it. Look at this view:
After we burned a load of calories climbing a zillion steps, we thought we better energise with nutrients. This is where the Lindt factory/museum stepped in.

We visited the Schokoladenmuseum - where dreams come true and Lindt chocolate is made.
I don't care how creepy the man is, just look at that bag of Lindt goodness.

Cycling in a skirt isn't as comfortable as Julie Andrews makes it seem.

Cologne was very quiet from Wednesday - Friday, then Friday night there was aninflux of stag/hen do's. It must be German tradition to sell small bottles of liquor if you're getting married soon. We didn't accept.
I love the European style of eating outside. It makes things so much nicer than sitting inside a stuffy building.

Street buskers on the riverside.

The botantical gardens on our last day.


Saturday, 26 October 2013

That time we had a holiday and it was amazing and I love France.

I started writing this a while ago, but then stopped.

So I love France.

After a couple of weddings, Craig and I flew off to the south of France. In specific, Nice.
Nice was wonderful.
My favourite things were:
The sun
The warmth
The atmosphere
The food
The people

We would start our days eating bread, cheese & croissants and pick up some water from the local store, take a wander to the beach and explore from there. We would lies in the sun and maybe got sunburn.

We took an overnight train from Nice to Paris, which was amazing! I would highly recommend it. The beds were comfortable, there was a care package which included socks and water and ear plugs and the guy on the train came and gave us sweets.

Paris was magical. Because we're young and European we could get into everywhere for free, apart from the Eiffel Tower, so that was all we had to pay for. Amazing.

A snapshot of our holiday:
(warning: there is quite a few pictures)


In Paris we would highly recommend Musee D'orsay over the Louvre. We got lost in the Louvre and it was jam packed with Mona Lisa hunters. In France walk everywhere, you get to see so much more and find little nooks and crannies to discover.

Our trip ended on the megabus from Paris to London overnight, which stopped to take us on the ferry. Needless to say we were very tired after this journey, but it was well worth it.